Report Inactive Downlines


Why did we created this system?
Thru time, we can’t really tell if all our downlines will stay active. As a solution for our active members, we have created our “Report Inactive Downline System”.

What is the purpose of this System?
This system will help you remove Inactive Clixsense Members from your downline network. This was formulated for our members to maintain a powerful downline network.

Where can you see your Clixsense Downlines?
You can see your downlines at your Clixsense Account. How? Log-in to your Clixsense Account. Go to “Affiliates” Menu. Then click “My Referrals”.

How would you know that your Downline is already Inactive?
On top of your downline/referral list, click on the drop-down options next to the word Active. Select “All” then click GO button. After hitting the GO button, all your direct referrals including your inactive referrals will appear on the list.

What will happen to my Reported Inactive Downline?
Your reported Inactive Downline will be checked by our team support and will be removed from your network. In line with this, you must be 100% sure that you want to remove your Inactive Downline from your network before you send us your report. The removal of downline is final and irreversible.

What will happen to the Downlines of my Reported Inactive Downline?
CSTPH Members under your removed Inactive Downline will be adjusted base on their position. Only your Inactive Downline together with his/her personally referred Non-CSTPH member downlines will be removed from your Network.

What will be the Process for this System?
Please follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: Send your Report to us

To Send your Report. Please send an Email Message to with Subject “Report Inactive Downline”

Please follow this Message Pattern:
CSTPH Report Downline, Your Full Name, Your Clixsense Username, Your Clixsense Password, Answer to your Secret Question, Clixsense Username of your Reported Downline

Sample Email Message:
CSTPH Report Downline, Juan Dela Cruz, juandlc, mysecretpass, Jose Rizal, maria2010

STEP 2: Wait for the Approval Message

We will send you our Approval/Rejection Message at your Email Address within 24 to 48 hours. Please be informed that CSTPH Administration reserves the right to Approve or Reject your request.

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