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1: What is ClixSense?
ClixSense is the most Popular, one of the oldest and most Trusted Online Extra Income Website based in California, USA. ClixSense is operating since February 2007.

2: How do ClixSense Earn, why do they pay their members?
ClixSense earns money from companies who pays for their offers, surveys and tasks. And here at ClixSense, we (the members) are the workers doing tasks, offers and surveys. ClixSense shares its revenue to their members by paying them to do tasks, offers and surveys.

3: What is ClixSense Team PH?
ClixSense Team PH also known as CSTPH, is a group of ClixSense members that aims to help online income seekers to earn extra income online using ClixSense. The team was officially launched on August 15, 2010.

4: Is ClixSense Team PH a registered company? Do we have a business permit and company registration? Do we pay taxes?
CSTPH is not a company nor an institution. We are only a group of people online helping one another to earn extra money at ClixSense. And since we are not a company nor an institution, we do not need a business permit and company registration. In addition, all member earnings coming from ClixSense are tax-free, except for members from US. However, tax applies when you cashout or receive your money using local payment processors in your country.

5: Is ClixSense Team PH a Pyramid Scheme Program?
No, CSTPH is not a Pyramid Scheme Program. Why? Because a Pyramid Scheme program will not be sustainable if there are no new members investing or joining the program. At ClixSense, whether you join the program or not. ClixSense will still earn from their partners.

6: Who can Join ClixSense Team PH?
All people around the world who are 16 years of age and older, regardless of their nationality are welcome to join the team. 13-15 years old may be allowed to join the team but with consent and supervision from parents or guardians.

7: Do I have to pay any fee to join CSTPH?
Joining ClixSense and CSTPH is FREE.

8: How can I earn at ClixSense with ClixSense Team PH?
Learn More about CSTPH Earning System [CLICK HERE].

9: How can I join ClixSense Team PH?
To join CSTPH, you must do the instructions found at our Team Registration Page [CLICK HERE].

10: Can I register Multiple ClixSense Account at my computer?
No, ClixSense does not allow Multiple Account Registration in one Computer.

11: Can I have more than one ClixSense Account?
No, bogus accounts are not allowed at ClixSense! This will be considered cheating and may lead to suspension of your account.

12: I do not have a computer at Home. Can I use Computers at Internet Shop/Cafe to Join and Earn at ClixSense?
Yes, however, you must be extra careful in accessing your ClixSense account at Public Computers since security risks at Public Computers is highly questionable. We advise that you must not forget to Log-out and Clear Cache after using your account at any computer.

13: How can I receive, withdraw or cashout my Earnings at ClixSense?
ClixSense pays its members using Paypal, Amazon and Rewards Link CAD. Soon, they will be adding Payoneer and Skrill.

14: When can I start inviting others to join CSTPH?
You can start inviting others to join right after you have received a Confirmation Email Message that you are already an official member of ClixSense.

15: How can I invite others to join CSTPH?
We have our Tips and Strategies Pages to guide you on how to do this. Join the team today for FREE to access our Tips and Strategies Pages.

16: What are your obligations to keep your ClixSense Account active?
We highly recommend that you Log-in to your ClixSense account and do tasks, surveys and offers everyday to maximize your earnings at ClixSense. But if it is not possible, you should Log-in at your ClixSense account at least once a week to keep your ClixSense account active. 90-days inactivity will lead to deactivation of your account and earnings forfeited.

17: How can I be sure that this is Not a Scam?
ClixSense already have millions of members that you can find at Facebook and other social media. You can ask them about their experience then you decide. There is nothing to lose at ClixSense because you can start working and earn money here for FREE.

18: I have Too Many Questions that are Not Answered here. For your Questions and Clarifications,
You can send us an email message at ysenseteamph@gmail.com. Or you can also ask our members at our Facebook Group [CLICK HERE].

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