Duties & Responsibilities


As a member of Clixsense Team PH, you are expected to do the following duties and responsibilities.

1: Read CSTPH Tips and Strategies Pages.

2: Promote Clixsense and the team by using your own CSTPH Referral Link.

What is your CSTPH Referral Link?
1: Your CSTPH Referral Link looks like this
2: Sample CSTPH Referral Link

Where can you find your Clixsense Affiliate ID?
1: Sign-in to your Clixsense Account.
2: Go to “Account Summary”.
3: Your Clixsense Affiliate ID is the 7 or 8-digits number on your Clixsense Affiliate Link. See sample below.

Why should you use your CSTPH Referral Link?
When someone clicked or visit CSTPH website using your CSTPH Referral Link, our team website will detect that you referred that potential member.

B: If that potential member registered and created his/her free clixsense account following instruction HERE. That member will automatically be assigned as your Level-1 Downline at clixsense.
C: Our team website already have the summary of information that a member needs to know about clixsense. All you have to do is just post your CSTPH Referral Link anywhere and let our website do all the work for you.

3: Regularly “Like” and “Share” the latest posts at CSTPH Facebook Page. (Optional)

4: Be active at CSTPH Facebook Group. (Optional)

5: Be active at CSTPH Forum at Clixsense. (Optional)

Please be informed that CSTPH Administrators reserves the right to remove or retain your clixsense account from the Team’s Network if you failed to fulfill the above mentioned duties and responsibilities.

Hello Online Extra Income Seekers,

Thank you for visiting our team website. If you have questions or clarifications. Send us an email at support@clixsenseteam.com

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