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Normally, Clixsense only pays its members using Payoneer, Paytoo, Payza, Tango Card, Skrill and Clixsense Mailed Check.

But if you are a member of Clixsense Team PH, you will have an additional option to receive your clixsense earnings directly to your Philippine Bank Account and at the nearest Remittance Center branch at your place. How? Please read and follow simple instructions below.

CSTPH Cashout Options:

Important Notes:
1: CSTPH Cashout System is Exclusive for CSTPH Members Only!
2: For international members, we only use “Western Union” to send money outside the Philippines with a minimum of $50 every cashout request.

Not a CSTPH Member?

To cashout your clixsense earnings using CSTPH Cashout System. Please read our Team Cashout Process below!


Step 1: Read our Team Cashout Terms and Conditions. [CLICK HERE]

Step 2: Fill-up our “Team Cashout Request Form” below.

Step 3: Wait for your Money to be released or credited to your chosen Cashout Method within 2 to 5 business days from the time you submitted the “Team Cashout Request Form”.

*If you have read and agreed with the Team Cashout Terms and Conditions. Please fill up our “Team Cashout Request Form” below.


This Cashout System is Exclusive for CSTPH Members Only!
CSTPH Current Dollar Exchange Rate:

$1.00 = P48.25

To ensure the delivery of our message to your submitted email address below. Please add to your email contacts list. Thank you!

Cashout Charges:
Clixsense Fee,  Skrill Exchange Fee, CSTPH Processing Fee, Local Payment Processor Charge or Remittance Charge

PART 1: Team Cashout Request Details

Please Fill-up the Form below with Accurate Information.
We will not be held liable if you have provided us
Incorrect or Incomplete Payment Details.

Minimum: $10.00 - Maximum: $200.00

Sample: Juanito G. Hernandez

Sample: 001247235648 or Brgy. Santiago, Muntinlupa City

PART 2: Clixsense Account Verification Details

Note: Before we process your Cashout Request at CSTPH. We need to verify that you are the true owner of the account. It is required that you submit to us your Clixsense account access codes below.

For security reasons, you may temporarily change your password and other private details before you submit the form to us. You may change it back after we have processed your cashout request.

Note: Please review ALL the details you have provided above before clicking the Submit Button. Once you clicked the Submit Button, the details and information you have provided above will be considered Final and Unchangeable. Thank you for your continued support!


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