Cashout Terms


1: Our Team Cashout System is exclusive for Clixsense Team PH members only. 

2: Filling-up our “Team Cashout Request Form” means you have agreed to cashout your clixsense earnings with our current CSTPH Dollar Exchange Rate.

3: CSTPH reserves the right to change our Cashout Exchange Rate anytime depending on the current CSTPH Dollar Stocks Exchange Rate.

4: CSTPH reserves the right to Approve or Reject any cashout request received.

5: Requesting to Cashout amounts greater than your Clixsense Balance is not acceptable and will be rejected.

6: We will not process your request if you failed to provide accurate information for us to validate your membership at Clixsense Team PH and ownership of clixsense account.

7: CSTPH will not be held liable if you have provided incorrect information on your submitted details at our Team Cashout Request Form.

8: CSTPH will not be held liable if you have failed to provide a Valid ID Card to cashout your earnings at LBC, Palawan Express or Western Union branch. Any services given by our staff resulting from the negligence of the member will be charged to the concerned member accordingly.

9: All requests submitted to us are considered final, irreversible and may not be edited or cancelled. Please make sure to review your request before submitting the form.

10: Each team member may request cashout with a minimum of $10 and maximum of $200 every cashout request.

11: We only use “Western Union” to send money outside the Philippines with a minimum of $50 every cashout request.

12: Cashout charges are as follows: Clixsense Fee = 1.00%, Skrill Exchange Fee = 5.00%, CSTPH Processing Fee = 5.00%, plus the Local Remittance or Payment Processor charge depending on the payment method you have chosen.

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