Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow

Lucknow is a highly recognized city and the capital of Uttar Pradesh. It boasts of numerous IAS coaching centres and branches of popular coaching institutes. But with the challenge of a tough exam like the IAS, it is essential for students to find quality education. This will help them in their quest for success and give them a better chance of becoming successful IAS candidates.

Choosing the right IAS coaching institute in Lucknow is crucial. This will enable students to save time and energy as they focus on achieving their goals. The right institute will provide comprehensive guidance and support to students to ensure they have a strong foundation in the subject and a good understanding of the examination.

The best coaching centres in Lucknow provide extensive coaching on current affairs, GS subjects, essay writing, personality development, and interview guidance, all of which are essential to achieve the goal of becoming an IAS officer.

10 Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow:

  • Sarthak IAS

In 2005, Sarthak IAS Coaching was founded by Director Mr R. Mohan with the intention of providing an ideal atmosphere where students can cultivate their skills, receive guidance, and gain advice in order to reach their goals. Among other options, this coaching center provides top-notch IAS Coaching in Lucknow, as well as coaching for PCS, UPPSC, IFS, and PCS-J exams. 

The coaching center employs innovative techniques to assist IAS exam takers in achieving success, and it provides the finest study resources available to help them do so.

The staff at Sarthak IAS Coaching are extremely experienced educators and committed researchers. They offer a program that is aimed at achieving success while keeping track of your progress throughout the entire IAS preparation process, which includes Prelims, Mains, and interviews. 

This UPSC coaching center’s assessment approaches and processes are unparalleled in terms of efficiency and efficacy. Sarthak Aspirants has set a standard as the most successful IAS Coaching center in Lucknow. If you want to join the Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow, which provides high-quality teaching techniques that are free from any doubt, Sarthak IAS Coaching in Lucknow is the ideal place to enroll.

  • Dhyeya IAS

Dhyeya IAS Coaching has been a leading name in IAS coaching since its establishment in 2003 by Vinay Kumar Singh. With its base in Lucknow, it has gained immense popularity and has emerged as a reputed IAS coaching center in the city. 

The main aim behind the establishment of this coaching center was to offer aspirants the required guidance and assistance for clearing the IAS entrance examination. It has since become a leading choice for students from all over the city due to its dedication, hard work, consistency, and excellent results every year.

To prepare students at all levels of examination – preliminary, Mains, and Interview – Dhyeya IAS Coaching has come up with a well-structured plan. The coaching center is dedicated to providing quality education and guiding aspirants in every possible way. Classroom programs, organized by experienced faculty members, have become a major attraction. All teachers are experts in their field, providing the necessary guidance and counseling required by the aspirants.

Dhyeya IAS Coaching conducts tests and assignments regularly to evaluate the performance of the students and keep them motivated to achieve their goals successfully. The coaching center is known for its competitive environment, excellent results, and the commitment to its students’ education. 

  • Vaid’s ICS

In the city of Lucknow, there exists a renowned coaching center that specializes in IAS preparations – Vaid’s ICS Lucknow. Founded by Dr. Pratyush Mani Tripathi in the year 1988, this center is dedicated to guiding and counselling aspirants who seek to embark on a career in Civil Services. 

Since its inception, Vaid’s ICS Lucknow has earned itself an illustrious reputation by helping its students secure prominent positions in both government and non-government sectors. Its commitment to excellence and personalized attention towards each student has led to its immense success over the years. 

At Vaid’s ICS Lucknow, the permanent faculty members have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field. Alongside, the institute also invites notable professors from renowned universities and colleges and senior IAS and IPS officers to conduct group discussions and mock interviews. This allows the students to gain valuable guidance and counselling from highly respected individuals. 

The teaching techniques employed at Vaid’s ICS Lucknow are original and modern, keeping in mind the changing nature of the examination pattern and its evolving syllabus. 

With updated course materials and innovative methods of teaching, the institute ensures the overall development of the candidate, not just in terms of educational skills but also in terms of their personality.

  • IAS Next

The IAS Next coaching centre, led by Dr Sudhanshu Mishra, boasts an extensive experience of 12 years in providing coaching for IAS aspirants. With a mission to create dedicated civil service officers, the institute offers classroom programs and online coaching to help students clear their basics. Along with IAS, they also offer coaching for PCS, PCS-J, and Judiciary exams in Lucknow.

The institute prides itself on its professional and experienced faculty who work tirelessly to develop an effective and high-quality education strategy. Every aspect, from the syllabus and curriculum to lessons and modules, undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure that the program helps students develop a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter. 

For anyone seeking the best IAS coaching in Lucknow, the IAS Next Coaching centre is the ideal place to join if they want top-notch teaching techniques, free of any doubts.

  • Athena

Athena Coaching Academy is an ideal platform for aspirants seeking to prepare for the IAS Exam in Lucknow. In addition to the IAS exam, the academy also offers coaching for several other exams, such as SSC, Bank, CAT, Clat, Teacher, UGC Net, PCS, and PCS-J. 

The Academy emphasizes personalized coaching rather than only creating large batches of students. This individualized coaching enables students to meet their specific requirements and thus excel in their chosen field.

Among all UPSC coaching centres in Lucknow, Athena Coaching is among the best. The academy has excellent faculty members who are proficient in their respective subjects and possess years of teaching experience. The faculty members’ teaching methodology is exceptional, making learning more enjoyable and understandable for the students.

Athena IAS Coaching in Lucknow is a leading institute for IAS exam preparation in the city. With its innovative and practical approach to teaching, the academy provides high-quality, doubt-free coaching to aspirants. 

If you are looking for the best IAS Coaching in Lucknow, then joining Athena IAS Coaching is a great option. You can be confident that you will be well-prepared to crack the IAS exam after studying at this institution.

  • Rao IAS

Rao IAS Lucknow is a well-known institute that specializes in IAS Coaching. Established by Mr. Anshuman Dwivedi, this coaching centre has become popular amongst civil service aspirants for its excellent education quality and a track record of producing successful candidates. The main goal of this coaching institute is to offer the best possible education to the aspirants to achieve their goals.

One of the distinguishing features of Rao IAS Lucknow is its emphasis on providing students with comprehensive study material. This material has been prepared after years of research by experts and has been compiled in such a way that it helps aspirants get their doubts cleared easily, which is extremely important while preparing for the toughest exams.

At Rao IAS, the faculty is one of the main reasons why it is such a popular IAS Coaching Centre in Lucknow. The faculty is not only experienced but also highly dedicated. 

Another crucial aspect of the teaching methodology used at Rao IAS Lucknow is interactive classroom sessions and doubt-clearing sessions. These sessions provide a platform for the students to clear their doubts and gain more knowledge from their teachers. This institute believes that small batch sizes are essential for quality education. Therefore, they maintain small batch sizes to ensure each student receives adequate attention, making it a Top IAS Coaching centre in Lucknow.


Race IAS is a renowned institute that was established by Dr Rajesh Shukla in 2010. Its main objective is to foster excellence among IAS aspirants in terms of competitiveness and knowledge. The institute has a clear vision of inculcating innovation and competitiveness among dedicated and committed IAS aspirants. 

Race IAS offers a one and three-year foundation course for graduate and 12th-class students. This course covers a complete syllabus of the UPSC course. The institute has five branches of UPSC coaching in Lucknow, which makes it accessible to students who are interested in joining the course.

One of the primary reasons why Race IAS is considered one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Lucknow is its experienced faculty. The institute provides expert faculty members who can impart the necessary knowledge and skills to the students. They are committed to providing quality education to the students for their preparation for IAS exams.

Furthermore, the institute’s goal is to ensure that the students follow the path of excellence in their IAS exams. The faculties are equipped with the necessary teaching tools and strategies that can help the students achieve their desired goals. Thus, Race IAS is an ideal place for students who want to succeed in their IAS exams.

  • Prepare IAS Lucknow

Prepare IAS Lucknow has established itself as a top player in the category of IAS coaching institutes in Lucknow. The institute was founded in 2015 with the primary goal of simplifying the Civil Services Exam and enabling candidates to develop the necessary confidence and competence to succeed. With its mission firmly in place, Prepare IAS has quickly gained a reputation for providing the best IAS coaching in Lucknow.

One of the reasons why Prepare IAS is so successful is due to its experienced faculty. The institute understands that a student’s learning experience can be greatly enhanced by teachers who are both knowledgeable and engaging. As a result, Prepare IAS employs mentors who not only provide excellent guidance but also contribute to the educational development of their students.

Another testament to the quality of education provided by Prepare IAS is the institute’s consistently outstanding results over the years. Its exceptional track record has earned Prepare IAS the title of Top UPSC Coaching Institute in Lucknow, firmly establishing its reputation as a leading institution in the field. 

  • Yojna IAS

Yojna IAS Coaching has established a reputation as one of the leading coaching institutes for aspiring civil servants not only in Lucknow, but in many other cities as well. With a special focus on Hindi Medium aspirants, the institute has been widely acknowledged as the best IAS coaching for Hindi medium students in many cities, including Delhi.

What sets Yojna IAS Coaching apart from its peers is its faculty’s unique approach to guiding aspirants. Recognizing the importance of motivation in the grueling preparation for the Civil Services Examination, the coaching’s instructors keep their students highly motivated with their teaching.

The faculties are committed to ensuring that their students are never disheartened with their IAS preparation. They do everything in their power to prevent their students from feeling overwhelmed or depressed by the exam’s challenging nature. It’s this commitment to their students that has earned Yojna IAS Coaching the distinction of being one of the top IAS coaching institutes in Lucknow.

  • Plutus IAS Online Coaching

If you are aiming to crack the Civil Services Examination, the Plutus IAS Online Coaching is your ultimate destination for the best IAS coaching experience. Plutus IAS has established its presence as a reputable coaching institute with a proven track record of creating numerous successful IAS, IPS, IFS and other civil servants in over two decades of existence.

Gaining admission into the offline batches of the coaching institute in Lucknow is an arduous process, as candidates are required to clear an eligibility test before being admitted. 

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, with Lucknow’s promising growth and potential for job creation, the demand for IAS coaching has increased in recent years. It can be overwhelming to choose the right coaching institute, as many claim to be the best. However, we have made it easier for you by conducting extensive research and selecting the top 10 IAS coaching institutes in Lucknow. With factors such as fees, faculty, facilities, study material, online facilities, and previous year results in mind, these institutes have been carefully chosen to provide the best possible training for aspirants. Additionally, with branches of renowned coaching institutes from Delhi, Lucknow offers a plethora of options to choose from, making it a hub for Civil Services exam preparation.

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