Buy at least “One (1) Set Surich Package” to become a member of CSTPH Surich Team with NO Extra Charge. 


✔ One (1) Set Surich Package includes:
1: One (1) Big Surich Scalar Sticker
2: One (1) Small Surich Scalar Sticker
3: One (1) Surich Online Business Account
4: How to Use Surich Scalar Sticker Liplet

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✔ How to Buy Surich Package?
Please follow simple steps below.

STEP 1: Create an Email Account

You must have an email account to be able to transact with us and start earning online. [CLICK HERE] to create your own email account for FREE.

STEP 2: Request to Buy Surich Package

To send your request to buy a Surich Package from CSTPH, please fill-up our “Surich Team Order Form” below.

(Order must be PAID within 24 hours after Approval)

(Your Preferred Mode of Payment)


STEP 3: Wait for the Approval Message

Wait for the Approval Message from our Team’s Official Email Address ( and Mobile Number (09497682725). Our Approval Message will also include our Payment Instructions.

STEP 4: Send your Payment

After we have approved your order, please send your payment using your chosen Payment Method within 24 hours.

STEP 5: Claim your Purchased Package

After sending your payment, you must fill-up “Surich Team Claim Order Form” here for us to process your order.

Important Note:
Our “Shipping Cut-Off” time is 12 noon everyday excluding Sundays and Holidays. Payments settled and claimed after the “Cut-Off” time will be shipped on the next business day. 

STEP 5: Wait for your Purchased Package

Once we have confirmed and verified your payment. We will send you a confirmation email message and will ship your purchased package to your submitted address via JRS Express or LBC Express. Shipping usually takes 1-3 business days.

Thank you and Welcome to CSTPH Surich Team in advance.

NOTE: Filling-up Surich Team Order Form and Surich Team Claim Order Form means you have read and understand our TERMS. Thank you.


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