1: Earn Money by Endorsing Surich Scalar Sticker
✔ Are you a satisfied Surich Scalar Sticker user? If yes, you should introduce the product to your friends and family. Encourage them to buy and try the product by filling-up “Surich Team Order Form” here. Do not forget to ask them to submit your “Surich Username” as their referrer at the form to be credited as their sponsor. Or you can also fill-up the form for them to avoid any errors. Once payments were confirmed. We will process their order for you.


2: Earn Money by Selling Surich Scalar Sticker
✔ If you are business minded and you want to personally sell Surich Scalar Sticker at your place and encode Surich Online Accounts for your customers and downlines. You may buy our “Re-Order” product packages to get your own ePINS (for encoding Surich Online Accounts) and stock your own products at home. Do you have a store? Buy our Mobile Stockist Package here and earn even more!

3: Earn Money from Commissions
 Direct Referral Bonus: 
As a Standard Surich Member, you will earn unlimited ₱20.00  for every customer you invite or refer to buy Surich Scalar Sticker and Join CSTPH Surich Team here.
✔ Binary Pairing Bonus: As a Standard Surich Member, you will earn ₱50.00  for every Downline Pairs detected on your (A) Left Leg & (B) Right Leg down to INFINITY. (see illustration below)
NOTE: Earnings from Commissions will be credited to your Surich Online Account.

4: Earn Money from CSTPH Surich Team Random Spillover System
This system is one of the best benefit you can get from CSTPH Surich Team.

What is CSTPH Surich Team Random Spillover System?
In this system, all team members has an equal chance of winning two (2) Level-1 Spillover Downlines from the team. How is it done? Everytime a New Surich Member joins team WITHOUT a referrer or sponsor. The team uses our Random Spillover Box to select the lucky team member to be assigned as the sponsor of the spillover downline.

Sample Random Spillover Box
For Illustration Purposes Only
Reload Page if you cannot see this Image

In addition, since all CSTPH Surich Team Members are connected with one another. The uplines of the lucky team member who won a spillover downline from the team automatically receives a spillover downline too on their Level-2, Level-3, Level-4 down to infinity. With the help of this system, all team members will earn residual amount of money in the future.

5: How much money can you earn at Surich?
✔ You can earn up to ₱252,000 per month at Surich if you will purchase the maximum allowed accounts per person. That is fifteen (15) Surich Accounts. See potential income list below.

One (1) Surich Standard Account Potential Income:
►₱600 per day
►₱4,200 per week
►₱16,800 per month

★ Three (3) Surich Standard Accounts Potential Income:
►₱1,800 per day
►₱12,600 per week
►₱50,400 per month

★ Five (5) Surich Standard Accounts Potential Income:
►₱3,000 per day
►₱21,000 per week
►₱84,000 per month

★ Seven (7) Surich Standard Accounts Potential Income:
►₱4,200 per day
►₱29,400 per week
►₱117,600 per month

★ Ten (10) Surich Standard Accounts Potential Income:
►₱6,000 per day
►₱42,000 per week
►₱168,000 per month

★ Fifteen (15) Surich Standard Accounts Potential Income
►₱9,000 per day
►₱63,000 per week
►₱252,000 per month

6: Why are the potential income limited?
Surich has a “Safety Net” that secures the company to survive. As a member, you can only earn from twelve (12) Binary Pairs per day, per account, with 2 cycles.
1st Cycle for the First 6 Binary Pairs – 12 midnight to 12 noon
2nd Cycle for the Second 6 Binary Pairs – 12 noon to 12 midnight
***Excess Binary Pairs encoded within the said cycles will not be paid and will be credited to the company.

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