1: Earn Money by Clicking or Viewing Advertisement
Clicking or Viewing advertisements is the easiest way to earn money at Clixsense. If you spend most of your time in front of your computer, this option will definitely give you an additional income. Because the more advertisement you click or view, also means the more money you will earn. Join CSTPH to access our Step by Step Guide on how to earn money just by viewing ads at Clixsense.

2: Earn Money by Playing at Clixsense ClixGrid
ClixGrid is a game made by Clixsense where members have 30-60 chances to win up to $10.00 everyday! This is a Game of Luck. Join CSTPH to access our Step by Step Guide on How to Play ClixGrid.


3: Earn Money by Doing Clixsense Tasks, Surveys and Offers
If you have lots of time online and you are looking for a work at home job. Doing Clixsense Tasks, Surveys, and Offers may be the BEST option for you. In fact, some of our members are earning around $5.00 – $15.00 in one day just by doing tasks, surveys and offers on their free time. So if you are really serious in earning extra dollars online, you must join CSTPH to access our Step by Step Guide on How to do Clixsense Tasks, Surveys and Offers.

4: Earn Money by Referring Others to Join Clixsense Team PH
If you are a BUSY person and you do not have time to View Ads daily, Play Clixgrid and Do Clixsense Tasks, Surveys and Offers regularly. Then you can still earn money by just referring your friends and other people to Join the Team.

How much money can you earn here?
You can earn up to $9,843 or more than P450,000 every year at clixsense just by referring others to join the team. However, this earning option is only applicable to CSTPH Premium Members.

Is it really possible to earn $9,843 or more than P450,000 every year at Clixsense?
Absolutely Yes! Because at our team, we are using Forced Matrix Downline System and Random Spillover System.

Forced Matrix Downline System
At this system, all team members can only have three (3) CSTPH member downlines at their Level 1. If a member have already completed their Level 1 downlines. All their new referrals to the team will be placed under his/her downlines with incomplete Level 1 downlines. By this, all team members will help each other to complete their downline network from Level 1 down to Level 8. See How the System Works below.

Random Spillover System
In this system, All team members with incomplete Level 1 downlines has equal chance of winning a Spillover Downline from the team. How is it done? Everytime a New Member joins the team without a referrer. The team uses the Random Spillover Box to select the lucky member to receive the Spillover Downline.

Sample Random Spillover Box
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In addition, since all CSTPH Members are connected with one another. The Uplines (8-Levels Up) of the lucky member who won a spillover downline from the team also receives a spillover downline too. With the help of this system. All team members may eventually complete their network to earn P450,000 every year at clixsense if all their downlines will upgrade to CSTPH Premium Member.

How the System Works
Here’s a Brief Explanation on how Clixsense Team PH system works for you to earn up to $9,843 (P450,000) every year at clixsense.

As a Premium Member of the team…
You can only have 3 Downlines (at your Level 1). If all those 3 downlines (at your Level 1) upgraded their account to premium. You will earn $6.00 from them (because clixsense pays $2.00 on each premium downline at your Level 1)

But That’s NOT ALL!
Those 3 Downlines you have (at your Level 1) will also have 3 Downlines at their Level 1 just like you.. so you get a total of 9 Downlines (at your Level 2) that can make you earn $9.00 (because clixsense pays $1.00 on each premium downline at your Level 2)

And it gets even BETTER! Why?
Because those 9 Downlines (at your Level 2) will also have 3 Downlines at their Level 1 just like you.. so you get a total of 27 Downlines (at your Level 3) that can make you earn $27.00 (because clixsense pays $1.00 on each premium downline at your Level 3)

But Your Earnings WONT stop at your Level 3…
Because at Clixsense.. You STILL earn $1.00 on each premium downlines at your Level 4 down to your Level 8.

“That is why.. YOU can EARN up to $9,843 or about Php 450,000 every year as a Premium Member of our TEAM”. See illustration below.

Just Imagine Earning $9,843 (P450,000) every year at the comfort of your home! You do not need to go out of your home to earn Extra Money.

This is a YEARLY income because everytime You and Your downlines renew your one (1) Year Premium Membership at Clixsense. You will Earn $9,843 (P450,000) over and over again every year.

So What are you Waiting for?

Don’t just sit there and watch our team grow. Click the “Join Now” button below!

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