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    Latest CSTPH Announcements: (1) Congratulations to the Winners of our 2nd Year Anniversary Contest! To view the list of Winners, visit CSTPH Facebook Fanpage. Thank you to all members who had participated in this Contest. Keep on Promoting CSTPH. - (2) Total Cashout Paid from July 1, 2012 to September 4, 2012 is P129,743! Clixsense Really Never fails to Pay us through our very own Team Cashout Process. Congratulations to all CSTPH Members who got paid this month. Visit our Payment Proofs Page to see the list of members who have received their cashout!

What is Clixsense?
Clixsense is the most Popular, the Oldest and one of the most Trusted Online Advertising Company legally registered in New York, USA operating since February 2007.


How do Clixsense Earn? Why do they pay their members?
Clixsense earns from their Advertisers who pays for their Advertisements. And like in TV Stations, Advertisers pays TV stations for the televiewers to view their commercials. And here at Clixsense, we (the members) are the viewers of these advertisements. Clixsense shares its income to its Members by paying them to view advertisements and inviting people to Join Clixsense. You will Learn More about Clixsense when you join Clixsense Team Philippines.



What is Clixsense Team Philippines?
Clixsense Team Philippines or CSTPH is the First Ever and the Fastest Growing Clixsense Team in the Philippines and the only Clixsense Team in the World. It was Officially Launched on August 15, 2010. We are a Group of Filipino Internet Marketers that aims to help Online Income Seekers to Earn Extra Income using Clixsense while Working at Home.

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